onlife InternAtional Drama Experimental ART Festival
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Заполняя данную форму, я даю согласие на обработку персональных данных
"For the brightness, meaningfulness and modernity of stage life"
"Hamlet's Dreams" - Alexander Aladyshev, Russia
"For the expressive interpretation of Jewish classical literature"
"Wandering Stars" - Tatyana Khazanovskaya, Israel
"For masterful and subtle penetration into the work and fate of Sergei Yesenin"
“Oh, I believe, I believe, there is happiness!” — Alexander Mayer, Russia
"For the completeness of stage existence in poetic material"
"Pugachev. Birth” — Marat Amiraev, Kazakhstan
"For the talented and modern stage interpretation of the forms of the great novel"
"Don Quixote" - Aram Hovhannisyan, Armenia
"For high acting skills, zeitgeist and style"
"Zhukovsky. Farewell” — Sergey Barkovsky, Russia
"For immersion in the role and ultimate dedication"
"Flowers for Algernon" - Alexey Shtyrbul, Moldova
"For the uniqueness and depth of comprehension of the artistic world of Dostoevsky"
“Malyavochka” — Pavel Kurochkin, Russia
"For a talented appeal to the work of Marina Tsvetaeva"

"The Tale of Sonechka" - Vera Mujovic, Serbia
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