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Pavel Rudnev

Theater critic, art critic, assistant artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov, Associate Professor of the Moscow Art Theater School

Ksenia Lamshina

Head of radio "Culture", host of the program "Cultural occasion", author of the telegram of the channel "Cultural people"

Maxim Dreamling

Theater and film actor. Creator of the nearest public "Theatrical people"

Anna Verde

Choreographer, laureate of international competitions, director of artistic and art projects, producer of independent theater projects. Founder and head of the dance company «Averdera»

Olzhas Zhanaidarov

Playwright, teacher. Art director of the Lyubimovka Independent Drama Festival. Head of the Festival of Modern Kazakh Drama "Drama.KZ"

Nina Benua

Independent theater columnist, cultural communications specialist.

Olga Anichkova

Theater and film actress, director of the Bulgakov Theater, “DaMy” Theater, author of the project and book "A Little-Known Actress", screenwriter, musician, theater teacher

Denis Azarov

Theater director

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