onlife InternAtional Drama Experimental ART Festival
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Заполняя данную форму, я даю согласие на обработку персональных данных
Fall 2023:
Solo performances and performances of small forms

Onlife iDEA Fest
International theater
festival at your home

Modern digital theater in onlife format

  • Actors from different countries play live
  • Experts and theater critics discuss the performance immediately after the show.
  • Viewers ask questions to the actors and experts in the chat.

What is "theatre" to you?
Trouble with the answer? Come get a new answer. Or rather, don't come, don't, no need. Just be. Online. From anywhere in the world. Join the live broadcast!
International theater festival new format
Fall 2023

Festival calendar
"Find Agatha"
Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Russia
"Inclusive performance Pugachev"
“I love and I am loved”
“Aesop. The Fox and the Grapes”
Closing Ceremony
"The Meek One"
Experts of the spring season 2022
Ruslan Kutlyev Chief Director of Onlife iDEA Fest
“What is important for me is a presentiment, a feeling that there, ahead of us, something should happen. That is why at rehearsals the performance is often born here and now - it is simply not interesting to come up with it in advance. Live life, live emotions are important.”
Maxim Dreamling is an actor of theater and cinema. Creator of the popular public "Theater People"
“I did not expect that there would be such an effect - the effect of intimacy through the phone. Now, today, it rings especially somehow! And at the same time, you look and think - how can such a thing in a documentary format be boring? Experiments are always good!"

Ilya Romashko, theater and movie actor, nominee for the Golden Mask award. Founder of Gogol School
“I wanted to surrender to this, to be involved in this, this is some kind of separate, wonderful, warm, fluffy world.”
Pavel Rudnev, theater critic, art historian. Assistant Artistic Director of the Moscow Art Theatre. A.P. Chekhov, Associate Professor of the Moscow Art Theater School
The main value of modern theater is the variety of forms, and the more there are, the more interesting the theater. Single-system and monothematics is the worst thing for theater, and if we have a future, then online theater is one of the forms of diversity in this palette. The more tricks, the more opportunities, the better.”
Заполняя данную форму, я даю согласие на обработку персональных данных

Hello dear friends!
I ask you to support the theater festival Onlife iDEA Fest!
There were many reasons why the project did not take place. But he lives! Thanks to the passionate desire of the team and the understanding of how everyone needs support, bright impressions and good news right now.
Subscriptions to the Festival are completely free for everyone. Our team creates the festival for you with great love and enthusiasm.
If you want to say “thank you” for their work, support the project, come to the performances, transfer your donations and vote for your favorites. After all, art makes us better and expands the boundaries.
Let the Festival be your outlet and inspiration this autumn!
Yana Balachevtseva
President of the Festival
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  • Over the years of the festival's life, to unite theaters from all over the world on its online platform: so that all peoples and cultures open their hearts to you - our audience.
  • Theater without borders: remove the limitations of the physical world from this art form, while maintaining the intensity of emotions, the depth of meanings, the eloquence of metaphors and the ability to surprise.
  • Prove that onlife is cool. Already today we have at least 10 compelling arguments about this. And this is just the beginning!
  • To give every viewer the opportunity to speak, to participate in a lively dialogue on an equal footing with famous playwrights, theater critics, actors and experts.
  • Reward the best and give many people the opportunity to show their work to people from different parts of the world.
  • Live the theater, serve the theater, experiment, challenge routine and everyday life, surprise and inspire.
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